Festivus Games at XLT!!


Finally what you all have been looking for, an event for “the rest of us!” Novice and Intermediate Athletes – this is your chance to compete regardless of skill! We at CrossFit XLT are hosting Festivus Games April 18th, 2015. Check out the video below, review the WODs at, https://festivusgames.com/divisions/, and then get registered at, https://festivusgames.com/register-2015-04/?paramHostNumber=0325! Join more than 10,000 Athletes worldwide! Free event t-shirt for every Athlete and custom trophies for the top three in each division!! Make the decision that you will not regret!

XLT Turkey Bash – Eventbrite


We Will be hosting Chatham’s own very first Competition! No better way to get ready for your big feast the next week then to compete with local competitors! Registration is now live! Registration fees will go up on October 25th and November 8th so sign up! If you have any questions at all feel free to message, email, call or even send a messenger bird if necessary as long as you don’t miss this event!


Labor Day Scedule

Don’t forget tomorrow for Labor Day September 1st, 2014 we will have classes at 8,9 and 10am! Also because of this schedule change our next beginners on ramp course will start up on Wednesday September 3rd! Be there or forever regret it! Just kidding but everyone reading this should still come!