January 2024 Spotlight Athlete

✨️1st Spotlight Athlete of the Month in ’24 ✨️

Congratulations to the one and only Ryan Farris for being chosen as our Spotlight Athlete of the Month for January. Ryan came to us a lonnnng 5 years ago. He has been working very hard everyday at 5am to earn the recognition that his wife has gotten. The things we love most about you include, your dry humor, your ability to make every class more fun and your humble attitude when you out-lift everyone in the gym. In all seriousness, we love havinng you around and we look forward to helping you hit those new 2024 goals and starting the year off strong 💪💪


Audiologist at Springfield Clinic and part time Tarot Card reader at Apollo’s Pythia

-Tell us something we don’t know about you?

When I was a kid I was an extra in the movie Sister Act, during the children’s choir scene

-How long have you been CrossFitting?

A little over 5 years

-Main reason for joining CrossFit XLT?

Not being a self starter, I needed something more structured where I would be held accountable

-What did you think after completing your first CrossFit WOD?

That the women’s scaled weight was too much for me

-How has CrossFit XLT changed your life?

It has definitely made me more disciplined and taken me way outside my comfort zone

-What results have you seen so far since coming to CrossFit XLT?

Definitely added muscle, and now that Jake’s not there all the time, probably the most fit person at the gym

-What is your future CrossFit Goal?

To complete one muscle up or receive Bryans full and unconditional love and approval

-Favorite movement(s)?


-Words of Wisdom for someone wanting to get into CrossFit?

The social benefits are just as good as the physical ones, I was eye rollie when I first saw the #FitFam stuff but now truly get it, great community with people who care.