Daily WOD Posting

So some people have probably been wondering when we are going to post our daily wods… We have learned through the years that the first thing members do is go to their boxes webpage or facebook and see what the WOD is for the day; whether it is just out of curiosity or if they are trying to mentally and physically prepare themselves for it. Well we have came to the conclusion that we are going to try something different from most other CrossFit Boxes, we are not going to post our Daily Wods on our webpage or Facebook! We do not want anybody to get discouraged from the daily Wods or to pick and choose which wods they want to do based on their ability. In crossfit we are doing CONSTANTLY VARIED functional movements. Meaning you tackle you weaknesses and improve your strengths! We want everyone to come in to the box confident and knowing that we are all going to exceed our limits together! Comment your thoughts!

1 Response
  1. Deb

    I will admit I have been that person who went with the feeling I would not do well because of the WOD that was posted.that being said I would go..but maybe not with the enthusiasm I should have