CrossFit – Wed, Sep 6

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Warm Up Min 0-12 (No Measure)

Steady through


:30 HS Hold

12 Clean High Pulls

3 Wall Walks

10 Muscle Clean

10 Kipping HSPU (or Push Ups)

8 Hang Clean from mid shin

Get Powerful Min 20-35 (10 Rounds for weight)

Clean and Jerk (any style)

Every :90 for 9:00

2 Reps (drop and reset)

Every :90 for 6:00

1 Rep

-Make sure before you start building to something heavy that your footwork and technique are drilled and ready to go. Build to something decent in the

doubles to give yourself a shot at something big in the singles.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“Death by Clean & Jerk”

Barbell @ 50% of your Single for the day

Min 1: 1 Reps

Min 2: 2 Reps

Min 3 : 3 Reps

etc. until failure (or 14:00 is complete)

-These workouts feel easy until all of a sudden they are impossible. Stretch your reps across the minute for a long as possible to keep the heart rate down.

As you have to fit more in each minute, gradually increase your cycle rate. Try not to race through the smaller sets early on and waste energy unnecessarily. Also, cycling is key – catch the bar in the power position and drive straight up for the jerk.



Hang DB Clean and Jerk 35/20s 5-8 reps/minute

Competitor Extra (AMRAP – Reps)

4x AMRAP 4 / 2:00 Rest

500/450m Bike Erg

50 Double Unders

50 Air Squats

Max Ring Muscle Ups

-It may seem like you’re doing a lot in this piece, but the first three movements SHOULD cruise by fairly quick. My goal for everyone is a minute or more on the rings each round. It wouldn’t surprise me to see many of the best scores in the 30+ and even 40+ Muscle Up rep range.