April 2024 Spotlight Athlete

✨ CONGRATULATIONS to our April Spotlight athlete, Cydney Long! ✨

Cydney has been at XLT for just over a year now! We love having her smiling face and fun sense of humor in class! She has become such a consistent presence at the gym and has made huge strides over the last year!

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our community! 💚💙

– Occupation?

Human Resources Rep for the State of IL. That’s right, HR 😅

– Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I played volleyball in college and still play weekly. I get to sing around Springfield on a regular basis and also do local theatre.

– How long have you been CrossFitting?

1 year and a month!

– Main reason for joining CrossFit XLT?

My sister made me come with her… BUT I desperately needed a routine and for someone to tell me what to do. My self motivation is lacking and I needed set workouts to follow. Thanks for dragging me along Char!

– What did you think after completing your first CrossFit WOD?

“You guys do this every day?”

– How has CrossFit XLT changed your life?

It has become my favorite part of my day. I leave all worries at the door and enjoy sweating it out with some awesome people.

– What results have you seen so far since coming to CrossFit XLT?

I love having a routine. I can do a burpee without dying. Also, I can finally hold onto the rig for longer than 5 seconds and do some kips!!!

– What is your future CrossFit Goal?

Be able to do a pull up

– Favorite movement(s)?

Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

– Words of Wisdom for someone wanting to get into CrossFit?

It’s okay to be the worst one there, you showed up.