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What is stopping you from CrossFitting?

Maybe you believe you’re not quite fit enough to begin. You need to get “in shape” first. Perhaps you believe it will be too hard.

Fair enough; to most watching a crossfit Wod at a gym you’d tend to believe everyone began life as a super hero, and that they were born CrossFitters.

They didnt. They were just like you. They were unsure of high intensity workouts and barbell movements that demand coordination and strength. They too were scared of looking stupid or people laughing at them because they didn’t yet get it.

If you could see where everyone else began, it would give you courage. Courage that you too could be that “superhero”.

CrossFit is not your typical type of working out. CrossFit is about the community. A community that wants to see you grow. You will be taught, and encouraged, and loved by the people in your gym. You’ll be motivated by your coaches and not even have to ask.

You’ll look around one day at what you’ve become, and you’ll realize that no one started that way, but everyone ends up that way. You will realize that no one is a super hero. You’re surrounded by normal people who do extraordinary things, and you’re now one of them!

You’ll know you got there because you took the first step. You started. You jumped out of your comfort zone to better your life. You ignored your fears and took that first step.

You started, because you realized that nothing is stopping you from CrossFitting.


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