CrossFit – Wed, Sep 27

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Warm Up Min 0-12 (No Measure)


5 Burpee Pull Ups/2x Kips

10 Light KB Swings

15 Box Step Ups

Get Fit Min 22-42 (Time)

10 Rounds

1 Rope Climb (or 8 Strict Pull Ups/Rows)

3 Deadlift 275/185

5 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″

*20 Min Cap

Goal 15:00-17:00 Min

-For those that want a bit of a Rope Climb challenge, this is a good piece to go Legless! This can be for some or all of the reps, switch back to regular climbs when the Pull starts to disappear. Deadlifts should be UB throughout. Burpee Box Jumps can be lateral to the box to help if there are space restrictions.


10 Rounds

5 Ring Rows

5 Light bar/KB Deadlifts

5 Burpees

Get Strong Min 48-55 (Weight)

In 7:00 Establish 1RM

Weighted Pull Up

-These reps should be strict-ish. A little baby kip at the top to get the chin over is fine. Other than that try to stay strict while building. The end result can be anything from a heavy weighted pull up to a banded strict pull up with the least amount of tension needed to complete a rep

Competitor Extra (No Measure)


50′ Sled Push* (25′ down and back)

50′ HS Walk (25′ down and back)

*Each round add weight -Start with a light sled and gradually add a small amount of weight each round. By the 4th round or so the Sled should start feeling a bit heavy. By 6 Rounds (if you get there) it should turn into a grind. Weights won’t be assigned as everyone’s sled (and surface) is a little different.