CrossFit – Wed, Nov 8

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Warm Up Min 0-12 (No Measure)

3 Rounds

10 Lateral Squats

10 Barbell Good Mornings

100m Run (increasing intensity across rounds)

Get Fit Min 23-53 (Time)

With a 30:00 Running Clock

4 Rounds

400m Run

21 V-Ups

15 Thrusters 95/65

Then in remaining time..

Find a 5RM Back Squat

-V-Ups should be QF standard with hands touching feet each rep. Thrusters should be done in 2 sets or less, choose weight accordingly. Cap yourself at 18 minutes on the 4 round part, giving you at least 12 minutes to build on the 5RM. You should hit at least 4-5+ sets on the 5RM, so get a little volume in while building.




With a 30:00 Running Clock

4 Rounds

400m Run

21 Sit Ups

15 DB Thrusters 35/20s


Complete sets of 5 Back Squat for quality

Competitor Extra (Checkmark)


Min 1 – 50′ HS Walk

Min 2 – 15 R-Leg Pistols

Min 3 – 15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Min 4 – 15 L-Leg Pistols

-The goal is to get you through each movement as fast as possible, and not to overly pace across each minute. Try to be done before the :40 mark of each minute, this won’t be easy for most so consider dropping the rep scheme back as needed to make that happen across the full 24 Mins.