CrossFit – Wed, Nov 15

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Warm Up Min 0-12 (No Measure)

200m Run


2 Rounds of Cindy

1 RD of Cindy= 5 pullups/10 pushups/15 air squats

Get Fit Min 18-36 (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds

1:00 Max Air Squats

:30 Rest

1:00 Max Push Ups

:30 Rest

1:00 Max Pull Ups

:30 Rest

-You score is total reps, but keep track of each

movement individually to get an idea of where you

need to improve vs. the other movement or fellow

classmates. The most important thing is to practice full

range of motion throughout. Air Squats should be hip

crease below knee and FULL extension at the top –

squeeze your glutes to finish. Push Ups should be

chest to floor and full lock out, even if you’re going from

your knees or to a box. Pull Ups should be chin over

bar and passing through a full dead hang.

WELLNESS WOD (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds

1:00 Max Air Squats

:30 Rest

1:00 Max Push Ups (any variation)

:30 Rest

1:00 Max Pull Ups (or Ring Rows)

:30 Rest

Get Powerful Min 45-56 (Weight)

Split Jerk


2 Reps


6:00 to find a Heavy Single

-This is a short session with an emphasis on getting

your footwork dialed in. Also, try to make sure the back

knee is slightly bent to allow the hips to move up and

down as needed to receive the weight. Build gradually

through the EMOM then take 3-4 singles in the 6

minute window.

Competitor Extra (Time)

For Time

21 Strict HSPU w/ 2″ Deficit

15 Bar Muscle Ups

9 Shoulder to OH 225/155

9 Min Cap

-Continuing on with the deficit theme during the single

set of sHSPU. Bar Muscle Ups should be completed in

4 sets or less (otherwise scale). Shoulder to OH can

find a fight, even if the last few turn into C&J singles,

I’m alright with that. Choose your weight accordingly.