CrossFit – Sat, Oct 28

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Warm Up Min 0-12 (No Measure)

Steady through

:20 HS Hold

12 Clean High Pulls

3 Wall Walks

10 Muscle Clean

10 Kipping HSPU (or Push Ups)

8 Hang Clean from mid shin

PARTNER WOD (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


7 Power Cleans 135/95


7/5 Calorie Bike

**Alternate complete rounds with a partner

(goal is :90 or less per round)

Get Strong Min 46-56 (Weight)

Power Clean and Jerk


1 Rep

-Just the long slow build. In the first 3-4 reps the weight should be light and technique should be the absolute focus. Things like receiving the bar balanced in both the clean and jerk. Footwork on both lifts. As well as trying to make the heavy reps look as good as the light ones as you build.