CrossFit – Sat, Aug 26

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)

Warm Up Min 0-12

3:00 on Machine

10 Inch Worm + Push Up

100 Single Unders

10 Muscle Cleans

10 Push Press


2x AMRAP 8 / No Rest

400m Run

200 Double Unders

Max Clean and Jerk 155/105 in remaining time

*Score is number of CnJ

-Run together, split the DU any way, accumulate max reps on a single barbell. Start over at the top on the second AMRAP.

Get Powerful Min 42-56 (Weight)

Power Clean & Jerk


1 Rep

*Building across the emom and starting at your workout weight

-As you go heavier in weight, make sure your feet don’t get out of control with the width of the catch. Instead try to go lower and lower to receive the bar. If you end up below parallel without trying/bottoming out, so be it! Use any style of Jerk.

Competitor Extra (Time)

For Time(20 Min Cap)

100/85 Calorie Bike Erg

50 Chest to Bar Pull Ups*

-Rest 3:00-

60/50 Calorie Bike Erg

30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups*

*Complete the CTB in UB sets of 10 or 5s. Choose a rep scheme and stick with it throughout.