CrossFit – Mon, Jan 8

CrossFit XLT – CrossFit

Warm Up Min 0-12 (No Measure)

W/ a Partner

1000/900m Row

40 Single Unders

10 Slow Empty Barbell Good Mornings

*Chip away on row while you switch every round of the 40 SU and 10 GM

Get Fit Min 20-35 (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds

2:00 Max Double Unders

1:00 Max Hang Power Snatch 75/55

1:00 Rest

-You don’t have to be unbroken for the full 2:00 on your single or double unders, but you should try to spend as much time as possible in that window accumulating reps! The Hang Snatch sets should open with at least 10 in a row each round, from there grab small handfuls until the minute is up! You can hinge or “bounce” Snatch as your abilities allow.


4 Rounds

2:00 Max Double Unders

1:00 Max Hang DB Snatch 35/20

1:00 Rest

Get Powerful Min 44-56 (Weight)

Squat Snatch

With a 12:00 Running Clock

For Time

12 Squat Snatch 95/65

9 Squat Snatch 135/95

6 Squat Snatch 165/115

Build to a Heavy Single in remaining time

-The three prescribed weights shouldn’t bring you anywhere near failure, choose your three weights accordingly. You’ll want to finish the 27 total reps in 6:00 or less, allowing for time to take a few shots at

a heavy lift.

Competitor Extra (No Measure)


1 Set of Deficit Push Ups

50′ Heavy Farmers Carry

Alternate movements OTM

-The Deficit can be on plates, DBs, or parallettes. The simplest way is just to use the same DBs as in the Farmers Carry. On the FC you can go as heavy as you want, as long as at least 25′ is unbroken at a