Let’s not wait for the New Year’s resolution that we all make. Those normally fail, as they are based on the expectation of it being a new year and the guilt of the lack of exercise but great intake of food that we just left behind during the holidays.

Am I right? Of course!

New Year’s resolutions made out of guilt and the hype of it being a new year will not succeed. As always, a resolution must be a resolution made with intent, with purpose and with great determination. One must have a plan and the steps in order to fulfill it.

We need a game plan.

Here is a thought. Let’s get started before the New Year! What if we get motivated out of our need for fitness instead of the time of the year? What if you could actually drop ten pounds or lose three inches before the New Year?!

Wow, now that is a thought.

Crossfit is the way to go in gaining quick results, building your strength and joining a community who believes in supporting and encouraging one another. In the world of fitness, everyone has to start somewhere and it’s good to have support as you begin and move along on your own personal journey for health. Make a resolution, but don’t wait till the New Year. Now is the time for change!

Here at CrossFit XLT, it is our mission to offer the best possible service focused on assisting people, of all fitness levels, improve their quality of life!

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New Year, Stronger You

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