Nutrition for prefromance and longevity


Jen Gardner will present the basics of performance nutrition using a real foods approach. If you are confused about which foods to eat, when, and how much, this class is for you. Here are just some of the topics we will discuss:

• How to use various foods as tools to optimize your workouts and keep you healthy long term.
• Why counting calories is meaningless.
• How to fuel your workouts for ultimate performance using real food options.
• A healthy diet template and how to customize it to your individual needs.
• How to determine protein needs according to individual differences.
• Types of dietary carbs and their role in athletic performance.
• Where to find healthy fats.
• Tips and strategies for meal planning and portable foods.
• FREE body fat testing at the end of the seminar! (You will need to know this to determine your protein needs)

The seminar will run at least 30 minutes and probably closer to 45 minutes. There will be lots of information covered in a small amount of time. I suggest bringing something to take notes.

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